Veronika Appleford Divincova

IFS training level: 3

Other IFS qualifications:  IFIO trained 

Location: EH46 GB

Languages spoken: English, Czech

Phone sessions available: Yes

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Currently full

Related qualifications:

Compassionate Inquirey (with Dr Gabor Mate), various qualifications in therapeutic bodywork

About this IFS professional: 

My intention is supporting and guiding clients to spaciously access and connect with themselves in a meaningful, deep and embodied way. My passion is consciousness expansion, spirituality, the body, self-love & shame in both personal and relational context, ancestral/past life work, legacy burdens and other energies that don’t belong to our systems (aka unattached burdens). The back bone of my offering is always IFS, with the blend of compassionate inquiry and other body based modalities that I’ve learnt and practised along the way. Clients that are a good fit have often already been on the path of self-exploration and self-inquiry in various ways.