Talya Ressel

IFS training level: 1

Location: London NW7, GB

Languages spoken: English

Phone sessions available: No

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Limited availability

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Related qualifications:

Psychotherapist with training in systemic therapy

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About this IFS professional: 

Nowadays there are more and more pressures, distractions and stressors facing us on a regular basis. Life is fast & busy and we often don’t get a chance to process all the different feelings that come up for us.

When we get overwhelmed, we can start to experience emotional distress, anxiety, low self-confidence and a sense of loneliness. We feel disconnected and our relationships suffer.

As a psychotherapist, Talya Ressel has spent the past 16 years working with people to assist in connecting to those parts, getting to know their system, learning what those parts need & finding ways to offer comfort to ourselves. IFS has been instrumental in shaping Talya’s professional and personal journey.