Sophie Winter (they/them)

IFS training level: 1

Languages spoken: English

Phone sessions available: Yes

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Spaces available

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Related qualifications:

I trained for several years in integrative and humanistic therapy, before discovering gestalt and completing my therapy training in gestalt counselling at the Albany Centre in London. I also have training in NVC (non-violent communication) and Inner Relationship Focusing.

About this IFS professional: 

I think of therapy as a space for you to feel heard, make sense of your past experiences, and develop your self-compassion, self-knowledge, and the skills to live in greater alignment with your needs and desires. Two key principles I consider particularly important are that all parts of you are deserving of compassion, understanding, safety, and fulfilment and that you are the authority on your own experience. I deeply value your feedback and welcome discussion about the therapeutic process.

I’m particularly informed about ADHD and gender, sexual and relationship diversity. I offer 50 and 90 minute sessions, and a free exploratory session to see if working together is a good fit.