Luke Bache

IFS training level: 3

Location: Nysätra Resta Gård 12, Örsundsbro, 749 63, SE

Languages spoken: English

Phone sessions available: No

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Spaces available

Related qualifications:

IFS practitioner (levels, 1, 2 and 3)
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy level 1
Integrative health practitioner
Mindfulness coach
I rest practitioner

About this IFS professional: 

Luke has been a holistic therapist for over 20 years bringing an embodied approach to IFS. He combines somatic practices from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and yoga therapy, breathing techniques to help regulate the nervous system, as well as polyvagal regulation practices. Between sessions I can also offer meditative and journalling practices, if this is of interest to you.