Enrique Arellano

Enrique Arellano

IFS training level: 3

Other IFS qualifications:  Somatic IFS trained 

Location: Calle de Platón 6, 4to-7tima, Barcelona, Catalonia 08021, ES

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Italian

Phone sessions available: No

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Spaces available

Related qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Psychology UK
Certified Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System Therapist
AEDP Level 3 Therapist, IPNB
MSc in Mental Health Science (in progress)
Core Energetics Therapist
Certified Circle of Security Facilitator

Professional memberships:

EABP, European Association for Body Psychotherapy
ESTD, European Society for Trauma and Dissociation
The British Psychological Society, GMBPsS member no. 688592
Certified Franklyn-Covey Leadership Coach, Salt Lake City, Utah
Certified Program Facilitator of Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP)

About this IFS professional: 

My clients and patients are individuals ready and committed to their healing process. They can accept the work it takes and the benefits that spring from taking the time to work in therapy.

IFS is a preferred model of mine that integrates the complexity of the psyche and the human experience. For me, IFS is a sacred process that unfolds the wisdom and the healing powers innate in every person.

My patients feel safe and connected with me and are responsive to the alliance we build in service of their therapy needs. For over 20 years, I have worked with adults who have had difficult childhood experiences that are lingering and blocking present-day fulfillment and harmony in their system.