Ellen Bush

IFS training level: 3

Location: GB

Languages spoken: English

Phone sessions available: Yes

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Limited availability

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Related qualifications:

Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths College
Level 3 IFS
Level 1 and 2 Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
Hakomi mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapy training
Synthesis Institute Certified Psychedelic Facilitation Practitioner
Conscious Breathwork Coach

Professional memberships:

AEDP Institute

About this IFS professional: 

Ellen has worked with creative, somatic, mindfulness and transpersonal practices for many years. She has a deep interest in early years attachment issues and their impact on later relationships. She strives to create a spacious, warm, and relational space where emotional honesty is safely held. Due to her work in co-leading legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, her present focus has been on the perinatal period of life and how this can impact our life experiences. She is especially interested in shame from a collective and embodied perspective. Ellen also offers psychedelic integration coaching using IFS to integrate altered state experiences for personal growth and healing.