Camilo Gallardo

IFS training level: 3

Location: NW3, GB

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Phone sessions available: No

Online sessions available: Yes

Availability: Limited availability

Related qualifications:

Senior Jungian Analyst 25 Yrs +
Training Analyst
(IoTP) Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapist

Professional memberships:

IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology)
GAP (Guild of Analytical Psychologists)

About this IFS professional: 


“Camilo, I did however want to share that my therapeutic experience of IFS/your presence, holding and creativity was massively positive. The process bypassed the mind and cut to the core of authentic unconscious processes. Furthermore, it did not leave me there ‘high and dry’ to make an intellectual evaluation of it all. Quite the opposite, your unconditional holding, trust and wise guidance navigated the reconnection process, which was and continues to be, hugely healing.”